Books for 2014

New ImageEver since college my reading habits have fallen by the wayside, I’m ashamed to say. Last year I sought to invest more time into reading during my free time, and I did see good fruit from that. However, looking back, I didn’t do a lot in the “spiritual” category. I know that doesn’t mean that I’m less of a Christian or that I’m less holy or godly. I do know that when I read good books that turn my gaze to Christ, my mind and affections more easily stay on Him throughout my day, and my quiet time is enhanced.Thus I set out to compile a book list for the year. I wanted it to be ambitious enough but not overly so to where I would get discouraged.

These first few weeks of 2014 have not afforded me a lot of time to devote to reading, but this weekend things took a turn for the better. Matt went on another short trip (this time to DC) and although I had plans it’s not like I was de-cluttering the house again. I planned on having some quiet moments to slow down and read. I even got creative and went to a coffee shop. So trendy of me, I know.

All that being said, I made my list, and let me do some ‘splainin before you judge. There are more than a few books that I have started to read or have wanted to read in the past but have never taken the time to read. Several of those are on my list. And for a few of them, I am ashamed. How did I go through my entire college career as an Intercultural Studies major and NOT read Let the Nations be Glad? I’m still baffled. Also, there are some theological topics that I would like to know more about, namely biblical theology- how the Bible fits together as one big story That’s where Goldsworthy and Hamilton come into play. I’ve been listening to the sessions from the Cross Conference (if you don’t know what that is, click here) and it’s helped rekindle a passion for missions in my heart. I decided to keep that going by reading a few books/biographies on the subject. The book on Patton comes highly recommended from Matt who says it’s his all time favorite book. I’m ready for the Sproul book to kick my rear, and I want to keep fostering a growing love for the church through Dever’s book. I really do hope to add a few more titles if I am able, but you have to start somewhere. Bring it on, 2014!


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