Proclaiming it Out Loud

Original_Marian-Parsons-Thanksgiving-Give-Thanks-Banner-Beauty1_s4x3So much to be thankful for. So very much. I look back over the last year, where we’ve come from, where we are headed from here. I’m bracing myself for this next year. It’s bound to be a doozey with fast paced changes and big decisions. But right now, I’m about to settle into my cozy apartment. Maybe turn on some music and begin to work on my cooking and baking for this year’s Thanksgiving festivities.

We didn’t go home. And yes, I feel a little sad without all that nostalgia and comfort. But we are creating new nostalgia and new memories right here in Louisville with our dear friends. It won’t always be like this so I’m cherishing the moments. It’s been a hefty semester. The kind where the husband is at our computer all nights of the week hashing away at a paper or slaving away on some 1000 page book. So I’ve busied myself with little things all the while waiting for it to end so we could go to bed at the same time. But God has been so good. We are in a rhythm. And before I know it, that rhythm will change. It always does. Still I soak in these days and nights and weeks.

I opened up my Bible last night and looked for Psalms and chapters that would turn my heart to thank my Lord. I opened to Psalsm 26:7- “Proclaiming your thanksgiving aloud and telling all your wondrous deeds.” Yes. And then Philippians 1:8- “For God is my witness, how I yearn for you all with the affection of Christ Jesus.” I feel this for all the people God has put in my life and have shaped my life from near and far. And in verse 6- “he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion.” In this I rest. Even with all the decisions coming our way, we can face them because he already has our plan mapped.

Tonight and tomorrow, I pause to reflect not in any way different than what I should do on a daily basis but specifically so that my gaze would be heavenward as we walk these next steps into the Christmas season and beyond.

And with that I proclaim it out loud and breathe a prayer of Eucharisteao. Thanksgiving.


One thought on “Proclaiming it Out Loud

  1. My feelings exactly about praising The Lord and feasting on the book of Psalms as a habit!
    Love you both and grateful to God for your lives!

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