Directing Our Gaze Heavenward

Lottie Moon thought she was too short. Helen Keller couldn’t see, speak or hear. Elisabeth Elliott thought she wasn’t beautiful enough to be married once, and especially not three times.The people of greatness aren’t just the beautiful people or the perfect people or the people who have their lives together. No, they are the people with broken, frail, difficult-to-live-with bodies.1 If Christianity through the ages was reliant upon those who God looked at and said, “What a fine creature I have made”, the nations might never be reached. Churches and schools might never flourish. Families might never be raised. We would all be so focused on ourselves and hardly ever on others. And our reliance upon our Creator would be minimal.2But you and I both know that just because you struggle with physical appearance or physical difficulties doesn’t make you naturally pious. We have to work to take our thoughts captive. We have to present our bodies as living sacrifices. But our struggle is what makes us real. And when we look in the mirror and all we see is negative, we must take that and direct our focus heavenward.3Our groaning with creation corresponds with a longing for Heaven. Christians get this. This is why we can be content with the skin God has put us in no matter how weak, sick, flabby, skinny, dimpled, wrinkled, or pimpled it is. I long for this discipline to take root in my heart.

I long for my speech to be more about Heaven and less about health. I long for my heart to reflect more of my Lord than more of my mirror. And when we get together with friends, may the talk be more about what God is doing in our lives and less about what the exercise is doing for our bodies.

*this post was inspired by a conversation I had with my mom- Thanks Mom!


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