Susannah Spurgeon on Libraries and Love

1“The best room became the library. ‘We never encumbered ourselves’, said Mrs. Spurgeon, ‘with what a modern writer calls “the draw-back of a drawing room”, perhaps for the good reason that we were such homely, busy people that we had no need of so useless a place- but more especially, I think, because the best room was always felt to belong by right to the one who “labored much in the Lord”. Never have I regretted this early decision; it is a wise arrangement for a minister’s house, if not for any other.'” (pg 156)

“But I verily believe that when I join him, “beyond the smiling and the weeping”, there will be tender remembrances of all these details of earthly love and of the plenitudes of blessings which it garnered in our united lives. Surely we shall talk of all these things in the pauses of adoring worship and joyful service. There must be sweet converse in heaven between those who loved and suffered and served together here below. Next to the rapture of seeing the King in his beauty and beholding the face of him who redeemed us to God by his blood, must be the happiness of the communion of saints in that place of inconceivable blessedness which God has prepared for them that love him.'” (pg 180)

And with that, Mrs. Spurgeon, I heartily agree.

*excerpts taken from: Free Grace and Dying Love/The Life of Susannah Surgeon: Morning Devotions by Susannah Spurgeon


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