1Change is good for the soul. Sometimes it comes unexpected, unintentional, and there’s nothing else to do but accept it with arms open wide. Like when you go in for a haircut and they end up taking eight inches off. Not what was expected, but a change nonetheless.

And other times its anticipated like the changing of the calendar page where it reads yet another month. But not just any month- the month that leads to the best of months. The months with changing weather, changing wardrobe, changing smells and recipes, and morning routine because the frost begins to settle on the car windows and you can’t always be late to work.


I like change, but I think the anticipated changes are the easiest for me. I like the excitement that builds and the wonder when it’s finally here. The thing you have waited for for so long. Sometimes it doesn’t meet expectation and you have to let yourself down gently. And other times you simply relax in the joy and soak up every last minute.

No, there isn’t anything major happening in the Tyler household right now. And often that can make me feel stale or stuck. I like variety. I don’t usually do the same thing the same way twice. But even in these moments of routine, I see change all around me. Maybe that haircut was a good thing. Unintentionally spicing up my life. And so I embrace it.

3I think that’s God’s grace in my life. He made me to enjoy (most) change. So I look all around and choose to relish in the little changes- leaves turning and hanging on by a thread, the morning drop in temperature, my fall clothes out once again. I drift to sleep with my window cracked and wake up to a chilly morning. I grab a jacket on my way out. Currently embracing the changes around me as God’s grace. Haircut and all.


2 thoughts on “Change.

  1. Good thoughts, Emily. It reminds me of something that C. S. Lewis said: God built into us the need for constancy, and also the need for change, that’s why He gave us rhythm.

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