Beautiful Things

I have always been a lover of beautiful homes. I would rather curl up with Better Homes and Gardens than read the latest gossip in People Magazine any day. And beautiful homes, especially kitchens make me happy. Fresh, soft colors inspire me. Bright, clean, open kitchens whisk me away to a country cottage tucked away in a valley beside a little spring. Reality is we live in a one bedroom apartment, one that I have sought to make our own. And I try to be realistic about life but sometimes you just want to dream and be inspired. God made us this way…to love beauty all around us, from endless oceans to French inspired kitchens. Below are some pictures from my Pinterest page that inspire me on this sunny spring day. What things in the home inspire you?











2 thoughts on “Beautiful Things

  1. So, you like those open shelves, eh? I can’t decide if I love them or if they would drive me crazy in my own home. I do love kitchens to be light and airy with soft colors for sure.

    • Practically speaking, they may not be the best. But they are beautiful. It would be nice to have a couple to show off pretty coffee mugs and then the rest can hide all the plastic plates and sippy cups 😉 (for my own future reference ;))

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