When You Want a Break

DSCN4952“I am so tired and I feel like I’m just now getting caught up on life after a crazy last two weeks. I’m just ready for things to be back to normal.”  “Honey, (in her sweet Mississippi accent) this is normal. And trust me, it doesn’t get any less crazy when you start having babies.” A young mom told me this in church on Sunday after I stated (whined) that I feel like I’m drowning in the craziness of life.

I could list all the things we’ve been up to to try and prove that my life is crazy and that you just don’t understand. But actually I think you do. Don’t we all have those times when the stress of everyday life coupled with a few things out of the ordinary pile up and make for a good amount of tears (if that’s how you relieve stress).

The day before, I had looked at Matt in the kitchen and said, “I just want a break from it all.” (This was said after a not-so-vacation-y trip to Florida for the Seminary.) The problem is (I’m learning) that as an adult you can’t always take a nap in between classes like the college days. You can’t just skip your last Friday class in order to hit the road for a weekend. You can’t take vacation days whenever you want. You can’t leave behind all responsibility to get away and sometimes that is a suffocating thought. So, I have to to choose to “get away from it all” even without physically getting away. These are some ways I have found that help…

Going to bed early- Sometimes you just need to leave the dishes in the sink and the clothes to be folded in order to get sleep. It’s amazing how a good night’s rest can change your whole outlook on life.

Taking walks outside- I am so glad spring is here. I love walking after work to get in exercise and to clear my head so I can be productive in my evening after a long day.

Reading a good light book- I love reading and often bog myself down with heavy reading from lots of books at one time. But sometimes it’s a good escape to plunge into an easy, lighthearted book. (Confession: I’m currently reading an Amish fiction book. Don’t judge.)

Taking a bubble bath– I love soaking in the tub after a long day, candles lit, listening to music or reading a book. It’s a way to drift away from the daily stress of life.

Painting my toenails- Ok I know this may seem silly, but I seriously love painting my toenails. No it’s not a pedicure from the spa but it’s a tiny way that I feel pampered and refreshed. I paint them in the living room while Matt is doing homework or if it’s nice outside, I will sit on our stairs with the sunshine on my back.

Let today be the day that you find a way to put the stress of life on the back burner and enjoy the little things around you.

Leave a comment below sharing some of your own creative ways you give yourself a break!


4 thoughts on “When You Want a Break

  1. Going to bed early is a great tip. If only my sleeping schedule would get back to normal. College messes you up like that… I like to exercise – take a run outside or go ride a bike. To me, it’s a time to get all the frustrations out that piled up during the day. I also think a a hour or two of hammocking always feeds the soul 🙂 Great thoughts!

  2. Mowing. Weird I know, but it is the simple fact of being alone outdoors for a good hour! Used to be walking in the college and early married days. Not as relaxing with five little a following you! Ha. LOVE this entry you did today Emily. Always need a reminder of how to slow life down. 🙂

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