On Feminism and Being Used of God

Once again the tidal wave of Christian feminist bloggers has swept through the internet. Maybe you’ve seen it too. The voices are crying for freedom from gender roles, freedom from a life of insignificance and inferiority, and freedom from the things that, in their eyes, would keep them from being truly fulfilled. Sometimes it’s all I can do to walk away from the computer.

There’s nothing wrong in wanting to be fulfilled in life. There’s nothing wrong with living in freedom in Christ. There’s nothing wrong in wanting to use your gifts. What is wrong is when you cease to keep the inerrant Word of God as your standard by which you live and serve. If this is not the priority, it is so easy to form God into your own image in order to be used the way you want to be used.

You see, there will always be boundaries in your life. When I say boundaries, I mean God’s good design for men and women in the home and church. There are some things that God has specifically called men to, and some things God has uniquely called women to. And they are different, and they are good. This does not mean we women aren’t free. In fact, we are unique, different, and specifically designed for what God has called us to. We must rejoice in this and learn to flourish within God’s good parameters. He knows what will bring Him the ultimate glory and you the ultimate joy. Trust Him.

Also on the internet, some women have been voicing their feelings of being called to have more authority in the church, voicing the desire to be equal to men in all things. Dear sister, don’t let this confuse you. Don’t buy into the lie that just because you have a different role you are somehow less or inferior. This is hard for those of you who are natural leaders, who are natural proclaimers of truth. God knows your heart and He will allow you the opportunities to exercise the gifts he has given you all within his good parameters. You can and will be used but you must submit to God’s design.

And when it comes to freedom in Christ, yes He has set us free. But as Paul said, we cannot use our freedom to sin. We are not free from all social structures. We are not free from gender roles. We are not free from this sinful world. And before you start thinking that maybe those gender roles were never supposed to be and maybe they were in fact part of the fall, go back to Genesis yes, but look to Christ. He submitted to the Father. He was obedient to the Father.  He was humble and served. He is our example.

If you are struggling to know where and how to use your God given gifts, first rejoice in them because they are gifts of grace that are to be used to build up the Church. Second, find a church to serve in and serve faithfully. And in your church you will have men that God has called to lead week in and week out. Know that God’s requirements are challenging for those men and we should support them through prayer as they seek to lead the flock entrusted to them. And finally know this dear sister, if you are given the chance to lead or teach children and women young and old, know you are desperately needed. This is not less than. This is a magnificent calling.  Thank the Lord for it and be faithful in his service wherever he would have you.

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3 thoughts on “On Feminism and Being Used of God

  1. I always appreciate your posts, and I have great respect for you as both a person and a writer. But the trouble is that for many of us this isn’t an issue of WANTING more authority or WANTING fulfillment but an issue of following the call God has placed on our lives — a call that Scripture affirms. I am called to pastor — and God has given me the gifts to do so well. The interpretation of Scripture to suggest that women have only particular roles in the church negates much of the biblical witness that suggests otherwise. From Joel’s declaration that “your sons and daughters shall prophecy” to Paul praising his female colaborers in ministry to Jesus appearing after the resurrection to women instructing them to go and tell (preach) the good news (and that is simply the cliff’s notes version). As my seminary president has said, this isn’t a matter of women taking roles from men, but a matter of enormous amounts of ministry to be done — it takes ALL of us. I’m not at all suggesting you need to agree with me — you certainly need never to attend a church with a female pastor. But know that those of us who are called are not evil women attempting to overthrow men (I’m married to an amazing man I try to support, uplift, and encourage), we are women who love God and people deeply, who are called to give of ourselves to care for others while doing our part to transform this world into the Kingdom of God.

  2. Wow, I agree with all of this. I seemed to have missed the posts you’re talking about but I’ve seen that same belief permeate talk in my little circle of the world and it’s sort of floored me. This gave me some good talking points to spring off of!

    • Court, thanks for stopping by. I’m glad this helped. You may check out some of the blogs on my sidebar for more resources if you would like to learn up on the issue. They have been really helpful to me as I wrestle with the biblical truth of gender roles. Have a wonderful Friday!

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