One of Those Weeks

538722_3646167913462_830113366_nIt’s been one of those weeks. It’s a good week but I feel like I’m basically treading water. I’m starting a new job next Monday and have to tie up loose ends at my old job before I leave, thus a busy week at work.

Class work is piling up around me with little time to get caught up. Every night of the week we have something- good things but still something. I even feel my throat getting a little scratchy.

I wake up tired, grab the coffee, hurry to work because I’m running late…again, see those flashing lights behind me, and hear the deserved words, “I’m giving you a ticket, Ma’am”. This was yesterday and this has been my week so far.

And yet , there’s my Bible laying by my bed barely cracked. Why during these weeks do I not run to the Source of life? Instead I try to do it on my own, eyes drooping from the tired, house all a mess because I’m barely home.

The only thing that keeps me from going into a spiral of self-loathing is His grace. His grace is sufficient even for a week of busyness, even for a lack-of-spiritual-discipline week. And even when I know his grace is sufficient for those times that I don’t reach for my bible first, I still yearn for it. It’s in me. And this too is grace.

So, this morning I treat myself to a Carmel Macchiato- double shot, half the syrup. I rejoice in the little flakes of snow coming down around me as I head back to my office. I will soak up a Christ saturated chapel service and let my heart be ministered to. I will work at my job with all my might because I am leaving them soon. And I will rest in the mercies of the Lord because they are new every morning.


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