Nothing New Under The Sun

There is nothing new under the sun. I thought of this while talking to my friend at my church’s ladies retreat last weekend. My friend is a former feminist from Cali and while we were talking about stories from her past, I brought up an upcoming book called “Jesus Feminist” by Sarah Bessey. My friend responded with, “oh doesn’t she know that’s already been done?” And that’s how I feel about so many things coming from within the Christian feminist realm. I try to keep up with it all to stay sharp but I have to admit that it often produces a discouraged attitude within my heart. Sometimes you just need something to ground you and quiet your disheartened soul.

For me right now, one of those places of grounding has been in my Church History class. As I sit through my Church History class right now I have been so encouraged to learn of our Reformation fathers (and mothers). It really is a joy to look back into history. It’s often said that knowing history will keep us from repeating mistakes of the past. Looking back can also strengthen us to fight for the solid truth of Scripture and not be tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine as James says.

Another place of grounding is my church. This Sunday, one of our deacons preached from Jude who was warning the people of crafty false teachers. He encouraged us to contend for the faith and to hone our heretic radars. We can “hone our radars” by reading good books, thinking carefully though issues, and approaching God’s word on its own terms: inspired, living, infallible, and truthful.

So while others want to jump on the feminist/egalitarian band wagon, I want to stand firm in our rich heritage, hold fast the doctrines, and proclaim the gospel as the only thing that can deliver us from this present evil age. And, I’m excited to announce that my California friend, Kristin, has agreed to a few Q and A sessions as I pick her feminist-turned-complementarian brain. Stay tuned. I think you will be encouraged!


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