A Day That Will Live in Infamy

bdaycupcake My mom was born on this day. I have always loved celebrating and planning parties for her. When I left home, the boys didn’t always do a good job; this year I think they will. But as I got older I started noticing that her birthday fell on the same day that we mourned the most tragic event in our nation’s history. It’s strange this mixing of life and death. I remember sitting next to mom on Sanctity of Life Sundays- year after year my dad would preach- a quiet resolve in our hearts that we would fight for life. That we would defend it at all costs. So in a way, her birthday was also a day that rallied the troops- reminding us that we were not alone in the important fight for the most vulnerable in our society. As tragic as it is sharing a day with death, it is also a day of hope- remembering the charge we have and the truth we carry. So, happy birthday mom. I think it’s an honor to share your day of life with so many that are fighting for life.

Here are a few statistics and notes I took from a pro-life meeting at a sister church in our area on Saturday night. The man giving the talk is pro-life activist, John Ensor.


1. It’s deeply rooted in the American psyche– we use the ingrained American words “freedom” and “right” when discussing it.  And it was passed by the highest court in the land.

2. It’s more evil than imagined– the language we use to talk about it is cleaned up. America will not reject abortion until she sees it– same was true with racism. We must expose the works of darkness

3. The fight is a part of a much larger struggle against a much bigger power– It’s a struggle between life and death. Satan devours. God delivers. There are all kinds of examples of this kind of death in the Bible. Herod was willing to destroy the many in hopes of destroying the One. But we serve the One who is over it all.

  • Christians by their nature stand for life.
  • This fight has little to do with winning or losing, or the president or the Supreme Court.
  • Deadliest words today: It’s a girl- “gendercide” is happening  in many countries around the world: China, India, etc.
  • China’s one child policy is really a forced abortion policy.
  • 13 million abortions a year in China compared to 1 million in America.
  • 32 million more boys in China under the age of 20 than girls.
  • To a 16 yr old girl- the baby is a psychological death and the abortion doctor is her savior. What she needs it the true Deliverer and Savior.

My two cents:

Abortion is a heart issue. We have to start at the heart of the mother, leading her to Jesus and giving her hope in the gospel. We must help her see that she is not alone, that the life she carries is precious, and that someone else in the world cares for her. And as a Church we must stand for the family. Divorce, homosexual marriage, pre-marital sex- all of these only aid in the increasing rate of abortions. We must stand for the sanctity of marriage and care for those among us who are single parents and those who are living with the scars abortion. Below are a few articles that I found helpful for reflecting on this issue today.

We Know They Are Killing Children- All of Us Know- John Piper

If Days Could Speak- Trevin Wax

City’s High Abortion Rates Defies Easy Explanation- New York Times

Forty Years After Roe, Human Dignity Hangs in the Balance- Albert Mohler 

Why Americans Are Becoming More Pro-life- Washington Post


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