Simeon and Anna’s Story

Old withered hands and weathered eyes

Knobbly knees worn from the bending

Day after day entering the place of worship

Could today be the day of the Father sending?


Faithful trust in the coming Messiah

In a world of constant forgetting

Simeon and Anna waiting expectantly, hopefully

Knowing there would be an ending.


But not just an ending to the waiting

An ending which would start a wonderful beginning

They waited with nothing but simple faithful hearts

For that day of coming royalty impending


And that glorious day they brought Him near

Their joy was full abounding

Their weary eyes and drooping arms

Were finally filled with God’s Love astounding


Their faith was made real

They were counted among the welcoming

They rejoiced as they beheld the God-child

It was an answer to their fasting and  praying


And Jesus said still blessed are you

Without seeing but yet believing

One day our eyes will behold the same Flesh

But until then we proclaim His coming


Inspiration for this poem came from Luke 2:25-38 and the Keith and Kristyn Getty song: “How Suddenly A Baby Cries”. Listen here and be blessed.


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