Being Needy


The world says: you don’t need a man…or so I read on Pinterest.

As I surfed that site for the 100th time today as I laid on the couch I read: “Be with someone who makes you happy.”

Clever and seemingly harmless but I know the real message behind it. It’s about the individual- the female individual.

This is what the feminist movement sought to accomplish- freedom from the need of a man, from need in general.

For a woman to need a man showed weakness. Well, call me weak but I need my husband.

That has been very apparent this week as I have been sick for the last 6 days.

That’s six days of laying around with little to no energy, no ability to make dinner, clean house, keep up with the laundry.

Quarantined to the couch or the bed- I have had nothing to give. But in spite of all of that, he has served me faithfully.

Maybe I’m overdramatic (not new to me) but as I have thought back over these rough last few days, I have fallen even more in love with him.

We are made to need and to be needed. And just because I was made to be his helper doesn’t mean that he doesn’t help me.

The Bible charges men to be the leader as Jesus is to His Bride. But Jesus’ leadership style is much different from the world’s.

He was a servant to his followers, washing their feel on an occasion.

Surrendering to our design of needing and being needed takes a good dose of humility and before you think of me as some great humble saint- I should say that’s not easy for me.

But if you understand the gospel- the fact that you are nothing, deserve nothing, have nothing to give and that Jesus Christ is your only hope- then its a little easier to understand God’s design in marriage.

And let me tell you- it’s a beautiful design.


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