The Reason for the Season

“Christmas is an indictment before it becomes a delight.”

manger-scene I read this as we worked through our first day of our Advent devotional. At first I glazed over it but he picked up on it right away. I had to process through the meaning of “indictment” and what that had to do with Christmas.

You see, Jesus had to come to earth. It was the way of redemption. We are so sinful a human race that we needed a redeemer- someone who would live and breathe like us in order to die for us. So before we can truly understand and enjoy the season, before we can think of the warm-fuzzy, nostalgic, baby Jesus in a manger scene, we have to think of our sin and the great need for a Savior.

So this is what I’m doing this Christmas- contemplating my need. If it weren’t for the fact that Jesus came in the likeness of man- who bore the flesh I bear, who tasted food like I taste, who suffered and mourned like I suffer and mourn, who laughed and cried like I laugh and cry- I would not know salvation and grace. I would not know true joy and peace that we sing about in our Christmas carols. I could not truly delight in Christmas. h07-cross_sunset-10

True the reason for the season is Jesus like the Christmas cards and pins on sweaters say. But it’s Jesus- because of our great need and His great mercy. This is cause for celebration!


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