Prepare Well

Prepare well.

That’s what those faithful missionaries told us before we left East Asia after six months of intense growth and labor.

Here I am at this seminary, this job, this church, with these people. And what am I doing with my time now?

Playing emotional ping-pong- bouncing from crazy busy to boring routine and getting caught up in all the in-between.

Too busy lamenting the fact that I’m bored with the 8-5 or that I don’t have enough time to keep up with my little nest.

I don’t think Elisabeth Elliot would join me in my game of ping-pong.

I think she would tell me when I’m overwhelmed to just, “do the next thing”.

And Paul would tell me in my dull routine to “be content in all circumstances.”

Susannah Wesley would say I had no excuse not to spend time with my Lord as she hid under apron just to have a few minutes to pray.

When the circumstances threaten or even overcome my resolve to be thankful or joyful, I have to cling to truth.

Even when I don’t know what to pray He is identifying with my struggles, praying on my behalf- interceding for me.

But I have a calling here. I can’t let that be lost or drowned out. So what is it?

Prepare well- surround myself with godly Titus 2 women who will teach me to love my husband, my home and my future children. Grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus. Sharpen my mind through classes and books and writing. Solidify my understanding and pratice of biblical womanhood. Be a faithful servant of God in my job and in my home. Love my husband well. Love those around me. Live and breathe the gospel in my city.

That’s a big task. I can’t do it alone. He doesn’t want me to. But I must look above the circumstances to the upward call of the Lord.

I don’t have time to waste.


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