On Turning 24

A recap of my “Birthday Week”….

On Monday/Tuesday we spent time in Missouri with family and friends at our Alma Matter as we recruited for Southern! It was so fun to go back to the place that has so greatly impacted our lives.

Sis-in-law and bro-in-law-to-be

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday I was home sick with a stomach bug. Not fun but I was forced to rest.

Saturday it finally went away (and my appetite finally came back!) and I got to enjoy a wonderful afternoon full of friendship and encouragement with the ladies at Third Avenue Baptist Church.

Saturday night I enjoyed a wonderful Birthday Date with my love. We started out with Japanese and ended it with the movie Argo. (excellent, incredible movie if you can get past the language)

After the movie we came home and I opened my gift from my parents. Thanks Mom and Dad for my new Mary Kay makeup!

I sent this pic to my dad on Sunday morning to show him how much I loved my new makeup. Apparently he has his phone on the pulpit. Oops.

Sunday we had a lazy morning. An extra hour of sleep is a great gift! Matt made me muffins!

And I drank coffee and watched the news like the old person I am becoming.

Then it was off to church! I think every girl should feel extra special and pretty on their birthday….and as my friend Laurel pointed out…extra skinny after having a stomach bug. πŸ˜‰

After church we headed to the mall for some birthday shopping. That was Matt’s gift to me! We had so much fun!

Later that night after evening service we had cake!! Look at my man and his creativity.

I know I am truly blessed beyond what I deserve. And maybe it’s because my birthday fell on a Sunday and I was surrounded by great teaching, singing, and fellowship but I spent a lot of my day yesterday reflecting on how great my God is and how undeserved I am. His grace is deep. His love is rich. His mercies are abundant. He has been so faithful to me over the last 24 years of my life. He has made me who I am today. My one true desire is to follow Him and serve Him for as long as He continues to have me here on the earth. He has kept me and will hold me. In Him my confidence, hope and trust lies. Thank you to all of you who helped make my day/week special!


4 thoughts on “On Turning 24

  1. Beautiful! It sounds like you had a fabulous birthday week and you looked gorgeous in your birthday outfit! Keep celebrating Emily. The Lord is good indeed.

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