God as Mother?

Catchy title huh? Read on….

I have previously talked about a “rumbling” that has been going on inside me. Have you been waiting on pins and needles to hear about it? I haven’t been quite sure how or where to start. So I’m just gonna jump right in. Basically, I can no longer keep silent about this topic. And the more I am learning about it, the more I am seeing it literally everywhere. It has influenced nearly every aspect of our culture and is now seeping so stealthily into our churches and Christian homes. This is not a new topic. In fact, I think I am pretty late to the discussion. However, when you are hit square in the face with truth, and you realize how soft-spoken the church sometimes is about this matter, keeping quiet will do more harm than good. I think there are many, many great voices out there that are tackling this issue and I realize that I am one tiny voice in the big pond. But I don’t think that matters to God. I know like 5 people read this blog but ultimately it comes down to this: my blog was started as an outlet for me. I’m ultimately not concerned with who reads this or who doesn’t. There may be some who read this and think I’m crazy. That’s ok. But I need this. I need to process and grow and use the blog as an outlet and hopefully a testimony of the gospel of Jesus to anyone who reads this. There are too many bloggers out there who are big, and popular, and gaining a lot of influence so why not do even a little to detract from what they are saying and point people to Jesus.

So what is the topic, you ask? Biblical Womanhood. Well, that’s the positive side of the topic. The negative side would be, to put it nicely, Evangelical Feminism (as Wayne Grudem would call it) which, as I have come to learn, is almost an oxymoron (more on that as we go). The last thing I want to do is come across as an angry anti-feminist. So if I seem over passionate, it’s because I am. I think this is a gospel issue. Gender, marriage, womanhood, manhood, all of this has come under attack. And if Christians don’t wake up to this, those of us who hold to a biblical view of genders will be left in the dust wondering what happened. I am especially concerned for us women. Some of the leading voices in the “Christian gender equality” movement are women. The problem is that, from what I have seen, most of the loud voices debating them and debunking them are men. I’m thankful for those men. The problem though is that simply because they are men, most women will tune them out and lump them in the “male chauvinist” category. I am grateful for the women that have influenced me in my quest thus far but I pray that God continues to raise up more women who are willing to speak up about God’s good design of Biblical womanhood and manhood.

So why the title? I wanted to start out with a thought provoking question and one that is frequently talked about in the Evangelical Feminist circles. Here’s the deal: some people say that God possesses masculine AND feminine qualities. Therefore, the argument goes, we are able to refer to him as Father or mother. The problem with this line of reasoning is that God never reveals Himself as mother, only as Father. If we are going to believe in the inerrant, inspired Word of God, we must take this to mean that this is how God wants to be known. Some women may look at the Bible as a whole and wonder why Jesus didn’t come as a women or why women don’t play a more central role at times. But here’s the beautiful part…God in His great design did decide to send Jesus as a man to the earth. He has chosen to reveal Himself as Father, not mother. Yet what is the single most treasured and beloved thing to God? His Church- His Bride. The Father sent His only Son to die so that He might prepare His Bride to be with Him forever. Yes, His Bride is comprised of many individuals, but God chooses to reveal His Church in the feminine, precious, and so loved. If that doesn’t bless our hearts as women, I don’t know what will. God treasures and loves women. He created us in His image! This is the exact picture Paul describes when talking about marriage. This is why the husband is to imitate Jesus and we women are to imitate the Bride. Isn’t God’s perfect plan beautiful? When we try to change it we set ourselves up on top of a very slippery slope. We lose the beauty. And this beauty is what I want to keep exploring, processing, and writing about.


5 thoughts on “God as Mother?

  1. Well said Emily. “Qualities” or characteristics only become “masculine” or “feminine” when we are referring to humans. We are all made in God’s image, and God has identified Himself over and over as a He. I’m not going to say God is masculine, because I don’t think masculine or feminine exists with God, because He’s GOD. God is a fierce protector (we would typically label that masculine), but He is also gentle and tender (we would typically label that feminine). We also refer to God as beautiful, of course that’s not in the same sentence that a woman is beautiful. Just a thought.

    • No doubt God is spirit and therefore doesn’t have gender. But he reveals himself as Father and that is what we must hold to when people say that we should be able to refer to Him as “mother” too. Thanks for the comment and for stopping by!

      • Yes I totally agree. I was thinking after I got off my computer that I should have referenced His nature of ‘Father’ because without it my comment reads a little new-agey. 🙂 What I meant to be doing though was using that same argument (that they would use to say God is a mother) to say that God is *not* a mother.

  2. Good for you emily. You’re right it’s been around awhile. But I’m proud you are becoming a voice. Women need to hear from women. It also helps as we live out our womanhood in joy everyday.

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