Lifestyle Changes

I am taking a Seminary Wives class this semester called, “Raising Healthy Families”. This is coming at a good time for me as I am seeking to live a healthier lifestyle. I have to admit it is a little overwhelming to me, all the science behind things. I know I am never going to become a health nut or all organic or anything. That’s just not me. But I have come away with several small steps to take for an overall healthier lifestyle as well as tips for choosing foods with an informed mind. I decided that even if I feel overwhelmed after class, I may not go crazy with our food but there are some little things that I can take away and apply to our lives. Here’s what I got….

It is healthy to lose 1-2 lbs a week if you seeking weight loss

10% weight loss in 3-6 months and keep it off- that’s the key. This is why diets don’t work- it’s very hard to maintain rapid weight loss.

How much water should you drink? Use the following formula:

Your weight in lbs/2 = ounces of water to drink in a day

  • Drink water before a meal- helps you eat less and feel full
  • Try not to don’t drink while you eat- it can wash away some of the nutrients you are taking in
  • Drink a cup in the morning
  • If you drink the occasional Coke or cup of coffee just balance the negative effects with extra water that day

Green tea- helps with weight loss, speeds up metabolism

Herbal tea- bursting with antioxidants

Make sure teas are sugar free for best results

Sugar– increases weight gain, impairs immune system, leads to wrinkles/age spots, elevates bad cholesterol, etc

  • Caffeine and sugar- zap H2O from our bodies
  • If you use sugar, don’t use the fake stuff!!
  • Use raw honey instead of sugar when baking, or Stevia (expensive but completely natural- 200 x’s sweeter)
  • Keep sugar for special moments
  • The more you eat it the more you crave it

If you can’t get a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, get the frozen- they are almost just as good (don’t get canned)

The only canned vegetable that is pretty much better for you than the fresh product is canned tomatoes- high in licopene

If you get frozen don’t steam in the microwave in the plastic bags

Try to avoid using the microwave altogether

  • Bad to use microwave on plastic- emits bad toxins into the food
  • Microwaving food pretty much takes all the nutrients out

When you steam or stir fry– don’t overcook- it will remove most of the nutrients- cook until a little tender but not mushy or wilted

Fiber Fiber Fiber!– mostly comes in vegetables and fruits- just eat more!

  • The more food you consume, the more fiber you need (not supplements)
  • Any fruit with skin on it- apples, grapes, etc
  • Also- popcorn, oatmeal, beans (the darker the better), peanuts, chickpeas

Every Day Fiber Formula-

3 cups of veggies

3 cups of fruit

2 cups of grains

1 cup legumes (beans, nuts, etc)

Not as hard as you think!

It actually takes a person 12 times to be exposed to a food before they enjoy it

*Soon I will work on a post about the Spiritual implications of a healthy lifestyle…This is a Spiritual matter too!


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