Those Israelites. They always complained. God gave them everything they could ever need yet they complained. What was their problem!? Yeah well, it’s easy to say all of that in retrospect. And he without sin, cast the first stone. I’m as guilty as those shortsighted Israelites. Why is contentment a continually learned lesson? Maybe because we are constantly being put in different circumstances to test how content we are only to reveal our ever wandering hearts from the Lord. I get the “it’s not fair because…..” bug or the comparison bug. And as much as my sin self would like to revel in my feeling of despondency, its sin. And sin must be put to death. Yesterday I read: “We will never know contentment in Christ if we seek him as divine referee, however unfairly we may have been treated. His work in our lives is not about making sure we get the maximum benefits. In fact, real contentment often comes when we willingly embrace the loss of them…We will never find contentment—freedom from that angry feeling of unfairness—by getting the things that are rightfully ours. We will find it by letting go of our entitlement to them.” That’s just it. We aren’t entitled to anything. And the minute we think we are, discontentment seeps into our already crowded hearts and vies for all our attention. It kills our joy and our ability to see beyond our circumstances. What we need, what I need, is a constant intake of the Gospel. Talk about not being fair! It wasn’t fair that Jesus went to the cross. But He did. It’s not fair that God keeps giving me grace over and over in my lack of contentment. But he does. It’s not fair that God promises me an eternity in Heaven where I will never want again. But He has. Oh to think on these things more clearly and more dearly. This is contentment and all of life’s circumstances will fade away. Look full in His wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.


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