Some Links of my Liking

“Some Dreams Are Meant to Die”– I found this great and thought provoking blog posted on FB from a lady at Church. It spoke truth to my soul at just the right time. We don’t get a say in knowing what dreams God will bring to fulfillment or not.

“A Mother’s Mission”– Ok so I’m not a mother at this time in my life, but I find this topic just as necessary for me to wrestle with now. The girls over at girltalk are doing a whole series about internet usage and the helpful and harmful aspects. This blog is done by the Mahaney ladies and they have a TON of wisdom to share!

“The Biblical Theology of Motherhood”– I guess I’m on a motherhood kick right now (no that’s not an indication of anything). This is a great resource (although I haven’t read it all yet) from a Southern prof. I think women, now more than ever need to be encouraged in their role as mothers. And those of us who don’t have kids can learn to think more biblically about motherhood and can also learn how to better encourage the moms in our lives.



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