What I Like Wednesday

Summertime version…..


So when I went home last week we got to stay with our friends Tim and Ashley. While we were there Ashley taught me how to curl my hair the right way. Let’s just say I’m not the most creative when it comes to hair. However, since learning her super easy way, I am slightly obsessed. It basically takes as much time as it does for me to straighten my hair. That is low maintenance with super cute and trendy results!


Also while I was home I visited my grandparents on their farm. While walking around their property I found a huge patch of mint plants. I.LOVE.MINT. It is the most perfect summertime drink when you add mint in your iced tea or lemonade. I convinced my grandpa to try it. He didn’t think it would be good. But when he took a sip I heard, “Emily, that there’s a good drink now.” I smiled with pride and victory. Oh, and I transplanted some of that mint in a little pot outside our apartment. Now I can enjoy mint all summer!

Mom’s pick!

My mom emailed me the other day asking about making a bulletin board to put above her little desk nook at home. I happily volunteered to do it and she happily accepted my offer. I gave her a few ideas and this is one she liked…not necessarily the color but the idea. I can’t wait to get started. I am going to spiff it up for her, Emily style. If anyone want’s a bulletin board made, hit me up while I’m at it!


Jane Eyre has become my summer time reading choice. I hope I can get through it relatively quick so I can move on to other books (LOTR for instance). I know the story which sometimes makes it difficult to get into a book. I will have to say that it reads really well, not as difficult as Jane Austen although already much darker and detailed. The beginning is a little slow but I have faith this is all part of the set up so you develop the emotion of pity by the time you find out she is falling for the guy that has locked his crazy wife in the attic. Oops did I spoil that for you?


This is a pretty accurate picture of what I looked like yesterday and what I will look like tomorrow. I think I found my workout calling. Water aerobics. Why did I not know about this before. I mean, I knew about it but I didn’t know how awesome it would be! I really hate running. I have tried to love it but I just can’t. Plus I writhe in shin-splint  pain every time. I found out that water aerobics is twice the workout with little to no major impact. I love the water so I think it will be something I will actually look forward to every time!

That is all for now!


3 thoughts on “What I Like Wednesday

  1. You can’t just tell us about this simple, “right” way to curl your hair and not tell us how to do it!

    • I thought about it but it’s not “simple” to explain. But I will try for you. 😉 Pick a piece of hair, start at the top and do like one twist and curl then move down to the middle and do another twist curl then one more at the bottom. So you don’t start at the bottom and curl up. Just one twist, then another, then one more. Does that make sense. If not, call me!

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