Music Monday

If you know me you know that I love music. Yesterday I was outside finally planting my herbs and flowers. While doing this I was rocking out to some Lecrae. My husband thought I was crazy as I danced to it in the house. Last weekend while traveling back to Louisville from Arkansas, I had the country music going as we drove through the Indiana farmland. And still on Memorial day me and a friend were loudly singing some recent summertime pop hits.

All of this to say, I love music and most kinds. Yet there is something transcendent about the music we sing in Church. It’s special, moving, uplifting, and worshipful because of why we sing it and who we sing it to. In our Church, our music is mainly corporate, sung for the edification of one another as well as individual worship.

Since joining Third Avenue Baptist Church I have been introduced to some new music both old and recent. Sometimes it’s the hymns written in the 17th century that grab my attention and cause me to pause and take in its beautifully crafted lyrics and melody. I guess you could say they don’t write them like they used to.

I am going to start something new here: Music Mondays. I want to share a hymn or chorus from our Sunday service that you may not know. I hope this will set our minds on what’s true, honorable, and lovely on a sometimes groggy Monday.


How Sweet and Awful is the Place


How sweet and awful is the place with Christ within the doors,

while everlasting love displays the choicest of her stores


While all our hearts and all our songs join to admire the feast,

each of us cry with thankful tongues, “Lord why was I a guest?”


“Why was I made to hear thy voice and enter while there’s room

when thousands make a wretched choice and rather starve than come?”


‘Twas the same love that spread the feast that sweetly drew us in

else we had still refused to taste and perished in our sin.


Pity the nations O our God, constrain the earth to come;

send thy victorious Word abroad and bring the strangers home.


We long to see thy churches full that all the chosen race

may with one voice and heart and soul Sing thy redeeming grace.


Words: Isaac Watts (1674-1748)

Music: “St. Columbia”, Traditional Irish Arrangement, Public Domain



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