My Teacher Mom

Mom’s teach. It’s what they do. Whether good or bad, they teach.

My mom is a teacher by nature, in the home, in school, and to everyone she meets.

She doesn’t impose it. Wisdom just flows. Other people have said that about her too. They recognize her God-imparted wisdom and how it has affected them.

Through her wisdom, I have been kept on the straight and narrow, I have treasured my relationship with my Savior more, and I have sought to live my life for the glory of my King.

These days I catch myself thinking, “How would I do this or that if I were a mom” or “if I am a mom one day, I want to do this for my children”. One day, I want to teach like my mom because……

She taught me to savor the Word, to know it intimately, to live by it.

She taught me that working hard for others is rewarding even if never noticed.

She taught me that one life faithfully lived in service to Jesus is worth a million lives without Him.

She taught me to be a lady, to embrace my femininity with modesty and self-control.

And now days, she teaches me to love faithfully, serve joyfully, and praise honorably my husband.

Mom and Dad’s faithful ministry side by side will forever be an encouragement, and example to both of us.

They say, you don’t really appreciate your parents until you are grown and out of the house. I know I have always appreciated my mom and the example she continues to be to me, but I think I agree with this statement.

Motherhood is a blessing. One I know my mom couldn’t wait to receive and use for the glory of God.

And my brother and I, we are living proof that she did.

1000 Moms Project
Photos by the lovely Kari Nichols!

2 thoughts on “My Teacher Mom

  1. Thank you for honoring me. It’s always surprising to learn how you have effected someone’s life. There were many intentional lessons I tried to teach and hopefully are influencing today but a lot I know is caught rather than taught. Praise the Lord! What a delight you are to my life. I can’t wait til you get to come home soon. I’m anxious to spend time with you.

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