A Post in Pictures

As I promised, here are some pictures from our Spring Break. If you are friends with me on facebook, you can see all of them there. I just wanted to post some of my favorites from the last two weeks.

Caution: Scenic Route Ahead

This is the camp Matt spent a summer at after our freshman year. I got to visit it with him after 4 years, tour the grounds, and hike some trails.

Lots of Memories for him

Our Family Motto

Downtown Asheville

CRAZY drum circle

On to our next trail

We made it!

Matt used to think about me up here when he hiked this four years ago 🙂

360 degree view of Black Mountain, NC

The sun was so bright!

Our first vacation as a married couple!

Friends at Easter

Sweet family from our Home Group


John Piper bringing it home!



4 thoughts on “A Post in Pictures

  1. What a beautiful place in NC. I love the splashes of humor as well. I couldn’t have said it better for Matt “Eat, Sleep and Read” or you Emily “oh yeah, by the way don’t pet the snakes”. What memories you are creating that will build a stronger foundation for the marriage years ahead! First vacation, I remember was to San Antonio. Dad and I were determined to start our own vacations. It’s been a good idea all these years. Love you Mom

    • Thanks Mom! I’m still go glad we went. Starting traditions early. And yes, those signs describe us well 😉 Thanks for always taking us on vacations (even if it was to the SBC convention…sometimes those were my favorites! haha)

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