In the Silence…God is LOUD!

Last night I talked with my parents about their recent trip to India. This has been a five year process of praying for the Best* people, an unreached people group. My home church adopted them shortly after my dad visited some of their tiny, scattered, villages of India.

He came back with a vision to see them reached by prayer and partnering. At some point in the last five years…there was silence. Not really any word about the work that was being done there. Not really any word about what God was doing. But we prayed. We kept pictures of the first Best man that Dad ever met by our beds, computers, in our Bibles and on our refrigerators.

In the relative silence of those last couple of years, God was moving, speaking, breathing life…and it was LOUD. He was not silent although our contact was sparse.

It was in the quiet on our end, while praying together with our families, that God was doing some of the most incredible work that I have ever heard about. Now after my parents having just returned from there, and after having witnessed the miracles of salvations, baptisms, churches being planted and spreading like wildfire, I KNOW God has been ever so active and I praise Him for His grace in changing countless lives among the Best!

Soon I hope to share the whole story with you. I have asked my dad to write it all down chronologically. I can’t wait to share what God is doing in our world among the nations!

Even when we can’t hear…He is not silent.

*The name of the people group has been changed due to security for the missionaries there.


7 thoughts on “In the Silence…God is LOUD!

  1. That’s awesome, sometimes we feel like our prayers are going unheard or unanswered, but God in His timing always reveals that He has heard everyone.
    Prayers going up for the Best tribe, I pray the will continue to grow and share the gospel.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. It seems to me that often it is in the silence that God does His most precious works. While we wait, He grows us and when He speaks, we see that the silence brought us to a place of better hearing. Lovely!

  3. I can’t wait to hear the story. I am teaching my Sunday school class about Amy Carmichael (missionary to India over a hundred years ago). And today I am meeting a Christian girl (who was former Hindu from India) so we can cook some Indian food for my class. She is an amazing Indian girl with courage and bravery unseen in many teens today.

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