Spring Is…

daffodils and tulips

mommas and strollers

evening cookouts

pasta salad

fresh renewal

evening walks

saturday adventures

life anew

sleeping with windows wide

sitting on his tailgate-legs swinging

sunday night frisbee

park dates

seeds sprouting

hands in dirt

car washes

changing the wardrobe

fresh-cut oniony grass

flip flops and chacos

lighter nights

smell of clean

ice cream

robins emerging

thunder and rain

frappucinos and iced coffee

hammock and book 

less layers

Resurrection JOY

These are Moments 536-563 of my Eucharisteo


4 thoughts on “Spring Is…

  1. Is there any other way to follow your blog accept through email? I would love to add it to my google reader but haven’t figured it out. Any tips?

    • Ha well I’m not really good at stuff like this. But I think you can bookmark it or there is a follow button up top that you can try. I hope that helps. So glad we are “catching up” through each other’s blogs! Crazy how that happens! And congrats to you guys with a little girl on the way. How fun!

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