Mamma Bird’s Nest Necklaces

This is my first “crafts” post and I have been meaning to post pictures for a while. A few months ago I shared a link to a tutorial for these birds nest necklaces that I had to try! Well, try I did and I love them! They are so easy and cute and make great gifts. I decided to personalize several that I made. The first one I made, I gave to my mom and she loved it. The beads I chose matched me, my brother, and Matt’s (her newest son 🙂 birthstones thus making them more personalized. Since then, I have given them out to a few other Mamma birds. I love being able to share things that I make. It at least gives me an excuse to make them! I will share the link again as well as a few pictures of the ones I have made so far. Really, these are so easy and take hardly no time at all but turn out looking really cute and unique.


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