Well, this is a catch up post with some of the fun things that have gone on recently. Around Christmas time we were blessed with a little monetary gift to specifically use for a UofL basketball game. What fun! I have always loved going to bball games and that’s not something that we would just go out and spend money to do. So, last Wednesday we made the drive downtown to go to the final game of the season. It was so much fun! We were way up high but it gave a great view of the game. We shared some nachos (my favorite!) and enjoyed the game. It was a really exciting game especially towards the end so I felt like I got my money’s worth. It was also cool since our former Razorbacks coach, Stan Heath, was there coaching for Southern Florida. What a great mid-week break! 

Can you spot Stan Heath's shiny head?

They lost...

On Friday, my office (Safety and Security) was very busy keeping our campus safe and ready for the oncoming tornadoes. Most everything went like clockwork as far as preparation and getting everyone off campus and into storm shelters. It was kind of an eerie feeling having as much time to prepare for the impending doom as we did. I remember that we started a careful watch on the storm system around 11am and I was not given the all clear to pack up and go home until 5pm. What a day! As I have watched the news since that day, I have realized how blessed we really were. The two storm systems literally went right around us bringing havoc on several towns just over the bridge and 20 miles away from where we live. I praise God for His mercy in protecting our area while also recognizing not everyone around us can say the same thing. It has been awesome to see the outpouring of support to our sister Churches in those areas as well as the support for the towns from our own Church and seminary. To God be the glory even in the midst of devastation.

This gives a good idea of how all the tornadoes just danced all around us

Not only did I go home that night evening with a rainbow in the sky but also with predicted snow on the way. Here are some pictures of the snow on our campus. I guess this was our first and only “Real” snow of the year.

Our or bedroom windows yesterday morning

Moments of Gratitude: 523-535

– Matt now working on campus

– a patient husband who helps me get around in a confusing downtown (not a city girl apparently 🙂

– talking to parents in India

– dreaming of many ministry possibilities

– dinner with friends

– relaxing weekend

– talking with my brother about life- friendship

– sweet little gift in the mail from a thoughtful friend

– catching up on the phone with grandparents and in-laws

– sweet church family- homegroup

– The Lord’s Supper to remind my of my depravity and His grace

– safety from the storms

– meeting with and hearing stories from an East Asia missionary from our Church


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