Biblical Feminism

Well, it’s time for the girl’s side. However, I have to give a disclaimer. We did not make it through all our teacher’s material on Sunday so maybe next week I will post the final remarks regarding gender roles and raising godly men and women for the Kingdom. Also, most of this is not original, just notes from our Parenting Sunday School class that I want to share.

He started out by saying that the world views women as either Liberated or Non-liberated.

Liberated– equal and interchangeable with men

Non-liberated– repressed and oppressed

We are not traditionalists/conservatives in the sense that we have a yearning for the past. We are biblicists- meaning we are complementarian.

Complementarianism- men and women are equal with complementary roles (expression of the Trinity)

What Scripture says about women:

*Genesis 1:26-28- Creation Account

– God made women in His image just like man

– Both share the creation mandate (“Be fruitful and multiply, take care of the earth and subdue it…)

– Man needed woman not because of loneliness (although a good reason) but to have a helper in the task that God had mandated

*Gen 3- The Fall

– Child bearing would be difficult- task unique to women

– Men and women are both equal before the Law of God

*Proverbs 31

– It is so easy to read this passage and feel the burden of the impeccable performance of this “Wonder Woman”. Instead, we need to encourage the girls/women around us to pursue the principles behind the actions of this women being described.

-The specifics of the qualities/actions of this woman are unique to her and that culture. This passage should not be a tool used for oppression.

– The expecation for women today should not be the same as in that day.

-Most likely the woman in this passage had servants and wasn’t expected to do everything herself.

– So what do principles and qualities do we look for from this passage? A woman who is…

  • trustworthy
  • responsible
  • faithful
  • hardworking
  • good organizational skills
  • attends to the needs of the poor
  • strong and dignified
  • not focused on the outward appearance but genuinely following the Lord
  • wise
  • kind- genuinely feminine

*Mary and Martha-

– In Jewish culture, women can’t study the Law (Torah) but Jesus commended Mary for taking time to learn from Him.

* 1 Cor. 11:2-16

– Husband is the head of the wife

– Christ is the head of man

– God is the head of Christ

  • Headship does not indicate lesser value. If that was true, we would all be believing a Trinitarian Heresy!
  • When gender roles are understood biblically, it truly is a beautiful picture.

– Neither man or woman are independent of eachother

– The assumption is that women are engaged in spiritual and Church life

*Ephesians 5-

– Women are called to submit to their husbands if married, not all men 

-This frees women from dominance

*Philippians 4-

– Women were an active part of Paul’s ministry team

* 1 Timothy 2:8-15-

– Modesty is a pressure from our culture (men are pressured to be slobs and women sluts)

– Women are to be self-controlled- learning with a quiet spirit and exemplifying faith, love, and holiness

*1 Timothy 5:3-16-

– Qualities of a biblical woman- godliness, good parenting, caring for the poor, good household management

-Specific dangers to women- idleness, busybodies

* 1 Peter 3:1-7-

– Submissive to her husband

– Exemplifies purity and modesty- be careful not to take to an extreme (if taken too literally, woman should not be wearing clothes at all!!)

– Gentle and quiet spirit

– Courageous

I think these verses leave us women with something to celebrate. How precious and unique we are created. None of the verses stated above will be celebrated by the world which makes me all the more passionate to learn myself and help other men and women to stand up for the Biblical idea of gender roles. Otherwise, we are all falling too easily for the world’s views rather than challenging our thinking and backing it with the Bible.

I will end with some Elisabeth Elliot quotes from one of my favorite books, Let Me Be a Woman.

“‘Man was not made from woman, but woman from man. Neither was man created for woman, but woman for man.’ Some texts are susceptible of differing interpretations, but for the life of me I can’t see any ambiguities in this one.” (This quote makes me smile)

“Let not our longing slay the appetite of our living” (Jim to Elisabeth while waiting to marry)

“All creatures, with two exceptions that we know of, have willingly taken the places appointed to them.” (the exceptions being angels and humans)

“A disordered life speaks loudly of a disordered soul” (women are to be the caretakers of the home and to manage it well)

“But God has set no traps for us. Quite the contrary. He has summoned us to the only true and full freedom. The woman who defines her liberation as doing what she wants, or not doing what she doesn’t want, is, in the first place, evading responsibility. Evasion of responsibility is the mark of immaturity.”

“The mature woman acknowledges that submission is the will of God for her, and obedience to this will is no more a sign of weakness in her than it was in the Son of Man when He said,’Lo, I come- to do Thy will, O God.'”

“Do not let the world around you squeeze you into its own mold, but let God remold your minds from within.”

“A man’s power over woman is restrained by love, woman’s power over man is restrained by the command to submit.”

“The more womanly you are, the more manly your husband will want to be.”






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