Glimpses of Glory

Butterflies were welling up in my stomach. They were happy little butterflies due to shear excitement at having our dear friends visit us at our very own place. For the first time in our friendship, we had a place to invite them to. They drove the seven hours to arrive at our little but cozy apartment where we spent the next few days catching up, laughing, playing games, and just sharing in life’s joys and burdens. Every now and then, God brings certain people into our lives that we just connect with. Kindred Spirits, if you will.

They left their two oldest with a very loving and capable grandma while I got to cuddle and love on their newest addition.That first night, I walked into our bedroom that we had gladly given up for a few days only to pause and smile at the sight of a baby bed squeezed into the tiny left-over space in the corner. What a precious sight. Me and Ashley, we enjoyed a girls afternoon out, drinking coffee, shopping, and, giggling at how funny we looked trying on some of the latest trends. The guys talked all things life and theology, sharpening their swords. We let them and chimed in often, not women to sit on the sidelines of a good conversation.

I was sad to see them go knowing that their friendship is special and unique. It is however a blessing to say that they will not be friends for just a season but for life.

The next day I woke up to ready myself for Church. What a great morning it was. I never thought I could come away feeling so inspired and full after hearing sermon after sermon about the judgment of God. But each week in our study of Ezekiel, I have left feeling so grateful for the grace of God in a whole new way. Not to mention, I have left so thankful for the Church we are a part of. Sunday as we were leaving, I squeezed Matt’s hand and told him that I thought this place, this group of people has been like a little glimpse of Heaven during this season of life.

It’s been like that for me. Dear friends, gatherings of believers, worship in remote corners of the earth, large arenas full of passionate college students, many places I go, glimpses of Heaven.

I know that down the road, my glimpses will look different but I also trust that God is good to bring us people, places, spaces, that direct our hearts heavenward, reminding us that this is not all there is. We are patiently yet passionately waiting.

Moments of Gratitude- 509-522

  • New Scentsy burning in our home
  • Fellowship regardless of what game was on
  • Working out even though I ache afterward
  • A new cute shirt picked out with Ashley- always more fun with a friend 
  • A great yet ominous opening day of chapel about the future of America and our role as Christians
  • A fantastic start to my Seminary Wives class learning doctrine from Dr. Mohler
  • Skype date with brother and sis-in-law
  • Praying together
  • God at work on the other side of the world
  • God’s judgement and grace
  • Restful weekend after being with great friends
  • Catching up with Mom and Dad
  • God answering prayers so Mom could go to India
  • The first baptized believers among the Bedia people of India


2 thoughts on “Glimpses of Glory

  1. I am so grateful for your seminary wives class as well. I loved it! Also, I got to wear one of my new shirts on Sunday–so fun! You were such an excellent host. I’ll gladly come again. 🙂

  2. Thanks Emily for your encouragement to keep pushing for India. God is answering my surrender to this trip. I know we will go with your prayers!
    love you

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