Catching Up

I love weddings! Last weekend we went home to see Matt’s sister, Katie, get married to her man AJ. This wedding has long been in the works and we were so happy for them that they got to tie the knot! Katie, did a beautiful job at planning the wedding. It truly looked like a winter wonderland. And she looked beautifully stunning! I especially enjoyed hanging out with family once again after the holidays. I had a blast with everyone on Matt’s side as we joined in the festivities. I know for Katie and AJ It was so special to have everyone that they loved together for such an important event and God was honored that day. Here is a sneak peak into the wedding. The quality of the pictures are not so great since I was using Matt’s Iphone. Mine made too much noise!

With her dad walking down the aisle

She did such a beautiful job on the decor!

The Kiss!

Our sweet nephew was the ring bearer. He did such a good job!

Mr. and Mrs. Exner!

Then it was off to London and Paris for a week!

We drove all day the next day only to roll into town to catch a glimpse of this… Beautiful home sweet home.

Louisville at night

Then to my surprise…we got snow!! I just love snow. So, around 10pm on Wednesday I begged Matt to go on a walk. He succumbed to the begging and actually enjoyed himself despite the frigid temperatures.

Outside our front door

The campus

Then he decided to do a snow angel We made a lovely couple

I joined in

Ahh serendipitous moments

I guess we are still in the stage of celebrating every little thing (I hope we never grow out of that). Matt surprised me with a trip to the theater to see Beauty and the Beast (my favorite Disney movie) in 3D for our “One-Year-Ago-Today-You-Proposed-And-I-Said-Yes” Anniversary. What an incredible year it has been since. I am thankful to God for that day. I never would have imagined I would be in a theater with my love in Louisville, KY a year later having such a good time in life. But, I am so ever thankful that we are here together in this time.

"Truly it is Beauty and the Beast. And might I add a handsome Beast"


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