Every now and then I get a surge of inspiration for crafts. Oddly enough I have gone through a dry spell over the Christmas season. Thanksgiving was really my time to take off, craft wise. I guess in the business of Christmas, I had to set it on the back burner. As I type this, I am planning my next trip to Hobby Lobby. I can’t wait to get started on these next two projects!

I have come to love making wreathes! I have one for summer, fall, and now none for winter. I wanted to make one for Christmas but alas, our door was bare. I am hoping to make one that can transition from Christmas to winter (so we don’t have to store so many). I am thinking a cross between these two…all in white.(I got these ideas from Pinterest)

Also, I totally love these necklaces! After looking at the tutorial, I think it is totally do-able. Can’t wait to get started!!!

Toying with the idea to create an Etsy page. I still haven’t decided. Weighing the pros and cons. We shall see!


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