The Grace of Bread and Water

He flipped to a random passage before we hit our heads on the pillows. It had been a long weekend but we wanted to end it this way. I then found out that the passage was not so random, in fact, I don’t think they ever are. There it was, John 6:35 “Jesus said to them, ‘I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.”‘ That verse caught my eye. He asked me, “are you fully satisfied in Him…all the time?” I wanted to say yes. But what does that mean, to be satisfied? What does that mean to “come to Him”? This is a promise that I very much want to grasp. Often those are the only things we can hold on to in this life. He told me that “coming” and”believing” really mean the same thing. Being satisfied is a by-product of surrender. Why do we need the gospel every day even as “believers”? Because we have “soul-amnesia” as one of my favorite authors writes. I forget that HE is all that satisfies. Perhaps sometimes I am afraid to come to Him. Thinking, “will He really be all that I need, right now, in this moment”, or “can I really be satisfied by Him?” This year, I am focusing on being disciplined. I am naturally not a very disciplined person (are any of us?). I want to take the little things in life that I don’t always like doing or like taking time to do and simply do them. I pray that this becomes habit after time. Remembering and applying the gospel is a discipline. Coming to Jesus to be satisfied is a discipline. It isn’t natural instinct. Yet, we have Spirit power enabling us to surrender, to trust, and to be filled. I never have to worry if Jesus is enough. He promises that when we come to Him (time and time again),we will be filled!

Moments of Gratitude:497-508

  • God’s financial provision
  • safe travels
  • joining deeply into my new family
  • seeing loved faces once more
  • the peace of familiarity
  • deep talks that knit hearts
  • the countryside
  • our city skyline at night
  • prayer together
  • tears and prayers for grandma
  • the gospel picture of marriage
  • 6 wonderful months together


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