Sharing Some of my Nerdism

Tell me I’m not the only girl that LOVES the LOTR movies. I read the Hobbit last summer and have been excited ever since to see the movie. Love for Tolkien runs deep in my family. My Dad introduced me and my brother to the stories sitting around the breakfast table. I remember my brother wasn’t 13 yet and the movies were PG-13 (not a movie rating we really watched at a young age in my house) so my parents made him read the books before he saw the movies. Once he did that, we were all hooked. Discussions ensued almost daily about this angel or that aspect of the books. My brother knew the names, places, history by heart, almost more than my dad at that point! Me, well I listened to all the talk and also fell in love with the story and the movies. In my youth group, we would watch them on Christmas break every year…a marathon. It was a select few that were truly dedicated fans that would gather, bring snacks and been bags to stay up late and complete the series. Although I loved LOTR, I never could beat my brother or dad at LOTR Trivial Pursuit (I know, I know). Then, I met and fell in love with an LOTR enthusiast. I am grateful we can share this love and fascination. He actually watched the trailer last night about 4 or 5 times. Our top destination of “Pleasure Travel” is New Zeland. No, I don’t speak elvish (although that would be cool), no I don’t have an Evenstar necklace (although it’s on my wish list), and no we don’t have a dog (although we would name him Stryder). Today I just wanted to share the trailer to the movie, The Hobbit. Enjoy. Matt: “I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone.”


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