What lifts my soul

We sat, we listened

laughed, and sang

I took it all in

Music: it lifts my soul to beautiful heights

I’m emotional by nature

someway, somehow

Music speaks to the depths

like nothing else can

God was good when He created it

I think it is a testimony to Him

especially when played for Him

They arranged pieces that told the whole story

The Christmas story in new and beautiful ways

It opened my heart for the season

The season of love and reflection of

Immanuel: God with us

The helpless and most innocent of creation

God with us

It began in the Old and was fulfilled in the New

I have heard it told many ways, many times

I think back to those hearing for the first time

this time last year

Their Asian faces etched in my memory

May they remember the true amidst the funny

the hope amidst the hopelessness of their life

His love for all amidst the clashing cultures

I reveled in God’s gift then and now

of His Son storied

with the gift of music

God with us

Andrew Peterson Behold the Lamb Tour

The giant Christmas tree at the Seminary

Moments of Gratitude: #480-496

  • girl talk
  • adventurous date to Indianapolis
  • great seats
  • making memories
  • good new friends who understand
  • Matt wanting a new coat and a friend supplying that
  • a bubble bath
  • groceries that stretch
  • just enough for my grocery run
  • an understanding and helpful husband
  • him reminding me of the little things to be thankful for even when I don’t see them
  • lunch date
  • someone paying for his lunch
  • candles
  • Christmas music
  • a good busy
  • 2.5 more weeks!


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