Get it?

Matt is studying for a New Testament final sitting at our kitchen bar. I love when he shares quotes with me. It let’s me in on what he is learning. I love learning too. This quote rang beautifully in my ears. I will not talk it up. I will let it speak for itself.

“Particularly when you hear an immature and unripe saint trumpet that he knows very well

that we must be saved by the grace of God,without our own works,

and then pretend that this is a snap for him,

well, then have no doubt that he has no idea of what he is talking about and probably will never find out.

For this is not an art that can be completely learned or of which anyone could boast that he is a master.

It is an art that will always have us as pupils while it remains the master.

And all those who do understand and practice it do not boast that they can do everything.

On the contrary, they sense it like a wonderful taste or odor that they greatly desire and pursue;

and they are amazed that they cannot grasp it or comprehend it as they would like.

They hunger, thirst, and yearn for it more and more;

and they never tire of hearing about or dealing with it,

just as St. Paul himself confessed that he has not yet obtained it (Phil. 3:12).

And in Matt. 5:6 Christ calls those blessed who hunger and thirst after righteousness.”

~~Martin Luther~~ 

Oh Lord, that we would never “get it” but continually dive deep and hunger for your righteousness.


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