The Short Post

I haven’t quite mastered the art of a short post here and there. I feel like my posts must be meaningful and well thought out. But maybe not always. Maybe I could just every now and then do a quick update. So here I go. Short post. Deep breath.

The Tyler’s lately…
We said goodbye to our family after Thanksgiving…pics and video to come.
We decorated our tree…also more to come on that.

This week I am trying to stay consistent in working out. I think I just got fed up with wishing I was consistent and then one day Matt said…why don’t you JUST DO IT! Good thought. Now I have a friend…Mallory…who is going to go with me most days of the week. I am on day three. It’s rough but I am glad I am just doing it!

Yesterday our tree fell over, spilling all the water out, throwing needles everywhere, and tipping off our ornaments. It took me all night to have the heart to put them all back on, much less, scratch my hands with the prickly needles. But I did and it looks good once again.

I am meeting with a Korean lady from our Church to practice her English and I am loving getting to know her. We just talk and drink hot chocolate and become better friends. Last night was our second time to meet and we had a good time.

Matt and I are starting the first season of LOST. Matt has seen them all. It’s his favorite TV show. I have seen most of season 1 but am excited to get back into them and continue into the other seasons.

Matt is in his finals week. I am so proud that he has made it through his first semester of seminary. God has been so good to us to bring us here. It has been such a privileged and blessing to be at Southern.

It had been a week since I had been to Church due to being sick and Sunday I felt like I was soaking in every word of our pastor. The sermon was convicting yet uplifting. He was in James 2 talking about treating some people differently due to their status or how we perceive them. Apparently the word “favoritism” means to accept people at face value and treat them according to how you perceived them without really knowing them personally. Man, how often I do that. Yet, because of the gospel, we can love and treat everyone the same.

Also related to Church, we had our second home group meeting this week. What fun! We are with a great group of couples. I am very thankful for this “new to me” thing called a “home group”. It’s great because it actually has a purpose more than just fellowship (although great) and it’s more structured and deep rather than just “talking” about Spiritual things (although good). We get together to discuss certain questions related to that Sunday’s sermon and how we can better apply it.

I have updated the blog for a “cooler” look I think. But there are still a few kinks that I’m working out. I like it though.



2 thoughts on “The Short Post

  1. I love the new look! This was fun post and makes me feel “caught up” even though we don’t get to skype right away. It does make me miss you two though… Don’t worry about having deep thoughts… just be you because it’s what we all love. 🙂

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