Dependence and Rest

Amidst the birthday celebration, school work cramming, church fellowshipping, full time work, and now a weekend of sickness, I have grown tired. It’s in the busy times that I seem to go into “Survival” mode. This means that our pantries are as bare as they ever have been, I am WAY behind in blogging, I have a list of phone calls I need to make, and our apartment is in need of a deep clean.

It’s funny that my sickness became such a blessing over the weekend. I was forced to rest, to read, to just chill. Two weekends ago I attended a women’s retreat with the women at my church. It was all about resting in the promises of God and how that can refresh our souls. Sometimes I really need that. The command and reminder to Just Rest. But man, that is so hard to do. I was talking with my mom last night and bemoaning the fact that I felt overwhelmed with so much to catch up on in so little time for Thanksgiving. What did she say? She said that it’s in these times we must depend on other people to help us get the job done.

A day or so ago, my husband was at the sink scrubbing dirty pots (one of my absolute least favorite things to do). I slipped my arms around his waste as I contemplated his Christ-likeness towards me. I didn’t deserve it. I had been on the couch all weekend while he ran errands, cooked, cleaned, and took care of me. I was dependent on him and because I was dependent on him, it enabled me to rest. He became a beautiful portrayal of Jesus serving His Bride. When we are dependent on the Lord, our self motivated strivings cease and we can rest in who we are in Him and who He is.

Now that I am better and back at work, I am tackling one thing at a time remembering that all my TO DO list is leading up to a day of thanksgiving and reflection on the goodness of our God. It is in the midst of the business that we must learn to rest. That is the only way to see the goodness all around, to stay alert rather than grow weary in this race, all the while looking for ways to serve one another as Christ serves His Church.

Moments of Gratitude:466-479

  • An extra day off of work after Thanksgiving
  • An apartment to clean for the arrival of family
  • anticipation of the arrival of family
  • planning and prep for cooking with my mom
  • being so excited to laugh, giggle, and be girly with my sis in law
  • a husband who is so selfless
  • a great place to work and to live
  • friends to craft with
  • planning for the holidays
  • friends to go to Krispy Kreme with
  • a Church family who cares
  • rest
  • Reading time
  • rain
  • Banana nut muffins
  • doctor’s visit complete with prescriptions to make we well fast


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