How would you answer this question:

“Why do you believe in Jesus?”

That was the question the Chinese student posed to a group of us two Friday nights ago.

He is a seeker with many questions. Perhaps they are a smoke screen for what’s really going on.

Hopefully they are genuine and the Lord is dealing with Him.

“Why do you believe in Jesus and I don’t?”

Even with my “Intercultural” knowledge, I fumbled to answer this.

Is it because I once was a bad person and now I am better because of Him?

What if he has no real concept of sin…doesn’t believe he is a sinner…that we all mature at some point and become better people.

Is it because He answers my prayers?

“If that’s true, why can’t I hear his voice when I pray…I’ve gone into a quiet room and tried to listen for Him? I’ve never heard him.”

What even is prayer? How do you explain it to someone with no real understanding?

Is it because He provides for His children?

“If that’s true why do Christians still suffer and starve to death all over the world?”

“Why didn’t Jesus heal everyone when He was on the earth?”

Oh it’s easy to think of the answer to this question in hindsight. But this guy really made me think through why I follow Christ. Is it because of what all He gives me, what He does for me, how He takes care of me?

I have had many blessings in my life as of late. I just got a full time job, I have a wonderful husband to spend my days with, we just joined a great Church. We are meeting more and more wonderful people.

Several months ago, I went on a quest to rediscover what it means to live with a heart of gratitude and to look for all the grace filled gifts from the Lord all around me. I have seen His gifts, written them down even. Maybe this guy wants to call those things mere coincidence. I know its God. But are these things WHY I follow Him?

No. The answer to why I follow Jesus is not in what He gives me because those things could be stripped away. It’s not in what He does for me, I don’t deserve any of it. The reason lies in the very fiber of WHO He is.

That’s the answer that this guy needs. Prayerfully we hope that God is opening His eyes slowly but surely to the truth. Even as I feebly try to give my answer to his questioning heart, God is reminding me once again why I follow Him. It has nothing to do with me or even the good “consequences” that come with being a child of God.

It has everything to do with Him.

Now, my gratitude can be a continual reminder of the undeserved grace, the undeserved blessings that come with knowing the Lord, materially, spiritually, emotionally, relationally…all these things come from His grace.

Oh that more would understand this and be able to partake in the joy of Jesus. Oh that he would understand we don’t follow Him for what He can do but for who He is. 

Moments of Gratitude: 453- 465

    • Full time hours and pay
    • an official Church family
    • hearing from my parents after a long trip
    • watching the World Series together
    • being mentally stimulated at a debate- reminder of my love of learning
    • a quiet weekend
    • spontaneous cookout with friends
    • pizza hut with friends after church
    • celebrating in the birth of babies with friends
    • skype calls with dear friends
    • candy- sometimes you just need it!
    • a Sunday afternoon with nothing to do
    • breakfast cooked by my wonderful husband
    • a warm and toasty car- also due to my husband 🙂


2 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Hey thanks so much for posting this. I was having the same thoughts and am still befuddled with these questions. I’m excited to continue to serve beside you at 3ABC and praise God for His leading you both to be with us! So thankful for you, sista!!!

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