First Visit from Family!

With starting a new full-time job this week, my life has been crazy. I will have more updates to come but for now I wanted to share some pictures from our fun weekend with Matt’s parents. It was so nice to have them here along with a little taste of home. I had a good time hosting them for Sunday lunch as they have fed me many great home cooked meals. We also had a great time on Saturday taking the scenic route from Louisville up to Frankfort and finally to Lexington. Part of our trip included a stop to a very old graveyard. It’s amazing what you can find and learn there. A history gold mine so to speak. They took good care of us as we got to eat at several good restaurants! All in all, it was a great weekend.

Trees on campus

Eating outside at one of our fave pizza places

It's across the river into Indiana so you can see the Louisville skyline

Lewis and Clark set out from Louisville

The Falls of the Ohio River

Beautiful Day to be outside

We stopped to get ice cream here

Cute house that doubles as an ice cream shop and a hair salon...hmmm

The view of the Kentucky state capitol in charming Frankfort

So quaint nestled in the valley

View from a very huge and old cemetery we decided to stop at

Where Daniel Boon was buried...I completed my "Boone Pilgrimage" after having visited his homestead in Missouri

They both had their phones out trying to shine a light to see what was inside

They both had their phones out trying to shine a light in to see what was inside

Matt- AKA: Grave Robber

Many important men of old are buried including some from before we were even a country!

Matt googled this guy's name and found out his history. His whole family line is buried here.


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