A Recent Wave of Blessing

I had heard so many stories before we came to Southern Seminary from people now out of seminary about how God blessed and provided for them. Now, I have become a recipient of some of those very same blessings. God is so good.

A couple of weeks ago Matt began having problems with his truck. Basically it wouldn’t start. He was finally able to get it working again, however, only for a short time. One day it just wouldn’t start and this was after he tried all he could. He had a feeling it was the starter and then we both got a little concerned about how we would pay for it.

After having to walk to work for a few days (which isn’t that far but our apartment complex is the furthest away from campus) Matt found a former seminary student that fixes cars for a discounted price. The guy was going to look it over to see what the problem was.

Meanwhile, we were wondering if we should wait to fix the truck but God had other ideas. Matt had been waiting for something in the mail but it still hadn’t come. He was a little baffled by this and when he told the guys at our on-campus post office they told him to check the little mail boxes at our apartment. Why we have them when we aren’t even supposed to get mail there I will never know. But Matt decided to check there anyways. When he did, he found a whole pile of missing mail which included some bills (which we had already paid) that had somehow never made it to us either. Among the “missing mail” was a my fist paycheck that I never noticed that I hadn’t received (don’t ask me why…we still don’t know). It was like the mailbox that wasn’t really our mailbox became our  savings account. That check however, was more than enough to get his truck fixed! Also that same day I posted something on Facebook about how Matt was going to get his truck fixed. A friend of ours from Missouri informed us that he was sending us some money in the mail to help pay for the repairs! He apparently remembered what it was like to be in seminary when something like this happens. When Matt got a call from the repair guy, he informed us it was going to be considerably cheaper to get our truck fixed. Needless to say, we were in shock and so grateful that God had provided for us in so many ways. (even if it did come from my ignorance of when and how much I was to get paid for my fist paycheck)

The newest provision from the Lord has come in the form of a full-time job. It has been somewhat of a roller coaster as far as jobs go for me. At first the plan was to combine two part time jobs that presented themselves a few weeks after we got here. I got a part time job in the Events office on campus which I was going to combine with a part time job at Pier 1. Long story short, the Pier 1 thing didn’t work out (I’m actually really thankful for this) but I still had a job on campus. Some weeks I was able to get full-time hours due to events but not all weeks. Matt and I knew I would eventually need a full-time job. My boss was aware of this and thankfully told me I would be free to take a full-time job if one presented itself on campus. Well a couple of weeks ago, several full-time positions came available all at the same time. I applied for most of them praying I would get one of them. However, I didn’t. I was really bummed and wondering what the problem was. Then, this week I got a call from the HR department saying that one of the jobs was re-posted. This was the ONE position that I hadn’t applied for. God obviously had a plan. I interviewed, talked with my current boss who gave me the green light, talked with Matt, and filled my parents in. The next day I was offered the job and I gladly accepted it. I am now the current secretary for Safety and Security at Southern Seminary. Is this my dream job? Well no. But when at Seminary, you do what you gotta do and I know many people would love to have my job. I am so thankful to be working with some very kind people and I know I will always feel very safe. 🙂 Andy and Barney needed Sarah so I am thankful to be the Sarah of Southern Seminary so to speak.  I am also very glad to have more responsibility than I do have in my current job. Also, I will get to know every student on campus since they HAVE to come into my office. Matt and I both know that God has provided us with this job and are so thankful.

So there ya have it. Two big needs: a broken truck and a full-time job. God provided for both and I am excited to start my new job on Monday!

Also in recent news, Matt’s parents are visiting us this week. We are so excited to have family come for the first time. It should be fun!


2 thoughts on “A Recent Wave of Blessing

  1. Mailbox turned savings account. I love that. I think I will go check ours out just in case. He he he

    This is such a precious season in your life. It’s so sweet to experience this with your hubby as a newlywed. May He continue blessing you guys abundantly.

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