About Weekends

I am so thankful for weekends like we just had. There was no agenda, no pressing issues to attend to. All we had to do was  a little schoolwork for Matt and some light housework for me. We didn’t make any plans and it was glorious.

I think back to my not-so-distant teen years when I longed for the weekend. As soon as Saturday rolled around, I was bounding out of bed ready to see what next adventure awaited our family or even just me and mom (as in shopping). I hated it when I got the response, “well I think we are just going to relax at home today and all pitch in and get the house cleaned.” That was the weekend death sentence for me. I wanted to get out, explore, have fun, be free. Why would you waste a perfectly good day off getting stuff done around the house or simply “relaxing”. How dull.

Now….I understand. It is so refreshing to spend the time getting caught up before the coming week, with no pressure of major plans. The weekend before last was a very busy week for us as we spent Saturday apple picking with friends. It was also time to plan meals, make a list, and go grocery shopping. (ugh) This time I planned for two weeks (which will now stretch into 3!) which kept me from having to wrack my brain planning what to cook for this week.

This Saturday I actually had time to go to a local farmer’s market to pick up some yummy produce. I had time to prepare my apples for my apple butter recipe. Matt and I had time to just be together. And we had time to watch a football game with friends. It was a weekend for simple refreshment. For that, I am grateful.

My findings at the farmer's market

Fresh veggies

Our picked apples

Starting the apple butter makin process

All you need

Matt joined in to help me

Adding ingredients

All done!

Stirring it up to let it sit overnight

After cooking overnight for 10 hours

The finished product after being blended

Moments of Gratitude: #443-452

  • Anticipation of family coming for the weekend
  • early mornings
  • Unexpected open doors
  • Sweet phone conversations filled with hope for the future
  • Laughing and sharing hearts with brother and sister over skype
  • Sharing stories, passions, hopes with our Greek/Australian friends
  • God answering prayers
  • A working budget!
  • My brother so excited over his birthday present from us 
  • Sweet compliment at work


2 thoughts on “About Weekends

  1. I like your pictures showing the whole process of making apple butter and how nice to do it together 🙂 I too like quiet weekends of just being. May the days ahead be filled with God’s goodness and peace.

    P.S. I hopped over from Ann’s blog.

  2. I never knew Sat. was such a disappointment! I did know it was a chore just to get you two to do chores! Oh well, the responsibilities of parenting.

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