A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

There are many days I have great motivation to get things done. I have my list ready to happily check things off. Those days I am happy to scrub my toilet, happy to unload the dishwasher, happy to fold the laundry. (three of my least favorite things to do)

Then there are days like recently that I have not felt like getting up off the couch after work or after a lazy Sunday afternoon. The dishes are just piled too high. The laundry basket is overflowing. But I was reminded yesterday, a day that I didn’t want to do anything useful around the house, to just “Do the next thing”. This is a quote from one of my favorite women, a woman with great discipline and drive: Elisabeth Elliot.

I recently went to my Seminary Wives Class where the speaker for that session talked about this very subject- Time Management. I desperately want to be organized, driven, diligent to get things done (even the things I don’t want to do) but sometimes it can all seem like an insurmountable obstacle. Things can become so overwhelming that I want to shut down, not do anything. This only brings defeat. Instead, I must CHOOSE to do the next thing…whatever that is.

Last night it was sorting the laundry, putting new sheets on the bed, and preparing for an early-to-rise morning. Today, I do have a to-do list. But it all starts with choosing one thing to do at a time. This is a life lesson but one that I am learning to put into practice as a new wife/home manager. Tonight it is cleaning the kitchen, starting laundry, and maybe a few crafts/bread baking experimentation.

Matt is gone for a few days. 😦 So I am home trying to entertain myself- something I have never been very good at if you know me at all. I require human interaction. Alas, I will make use of the quiet to be productive and active about things that need my attention. I am actually looking forward to the possibilities.

Here are some pics of things I have been up to recently…and yes I have been getting most of my creative ideas from Pinterest

My Fall centerpiece

Getting ready for dinner with new friends!

Welcoming the season

For a baby girl on the way!

For a baby boy on the way!

Start with this...old shoes I don't like anymore

Take some of this....

A little bit of that then you get this!

Homemade banana nut bread. Matt's favorite. Thanks to my cousin who said, "A little egg shell never hurt anyone", I ended up making more loaves rather than throwing the first batch out. Why do these things always happen to me when I bake?

Sending him on his first "business trip"...I helped him match his clothes and pack his bag. I felt like I was sending him off to war or something. (It was actually nothing close to that)

Moments of Gratitude: #405-

    • More rain=more time to leave the widows open
    • The official 1st day of Fall
    • Interviews- more to come on that
    •  A joyful church family
    • An eventful yet restful weekend
    • Meeting new neighbors
    • This season to be in the “bubble” to prepare well
    • Hearing my husband share the gospel in an intellectually beneficial way to the young Agnostic-Chinese student (pray for him)
    • Feeling a purpose in ministry again…sharing life with our new international friends
    • making a connection with my Tibetan-Buddhist friend (pray for her)
    • rejoicing with a sister who is going to East Asia for 6 months
    • friends to ride to church with
    • a date night , getting the practical shopping done then on to a good dinner before he left for a few days
    • sharing in the joys of gospel ministry
    • helping him get ready for his new adventure
    • open doors

This is one extra thing I want to share here today. Whoever you may be that reads this: Mom, Dad, friends, please take time to watch this, pass it on, then do something about it. Take some time to research the project then get on board to get this life changing message out! This has been endorsed by some great people, Kay Arthur, Joni Erickson Tada, David Platt, Randy Alcorn, John Piper and many more. Way of the Master is a great organization and has done a fabulous job on this short documentary. Let’s get the word out!


3 thoughts on “A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

  1. It was so good to see the two of you. It seems like its been a long time. I can relate to the lack of motivation to do those things we don’t like to do. That is usually more difficult for me when dad is gone. They can sometimes be our motivation to get the mundane done, especially when they are appreciative. Maybe they will even help!

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