That Time of Year

I sneeze and sniff

We all laugh together in the car

Rain washes our soul like the road we are on

Getting away is good

A refresher to the soul

We labor and rest then rest and labor

These inflamed sinuses are actually a hint of what’s to come…

Wind blowing, leaves shifting

Happy to share the last bit of summer with blessed friends

The spray of lake water

The smell of home cooked meals

The life stories heard around the table

And a box packed with homemade goodies for the ride home

All the pressure and my runny nose markes this passing season

I face the next with excitement and apprehension

As the leaves surrender to Fall

So must I surrender to the unknown plans of the Lord

He is so good to bring joy in a season hinting at death

There is a thrill felt in this crisp air

Thanks Uncle Chuck for letting us sit in your car

Rock Band...we were so good

Me knee boarding for the first time

Matt wake boarding


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