The Little Things in Life

Most of the time its the little things in life that mean the most to me. 

#1 ranked UofL vs. #2 Ranked UCLA....UofL won...go Cards!

He had the great idea of going to a game. It was our first!

Moments of Gratitude: #344- 365

  • a husband to take care of
  • fun this weekend working my first conference
  • starting a new series: Band of Brothers
  • talking on the front steps
  • prayer together about decisions
  • time last night and this morning to craft
  • confidence in His sovereignty
  • hearing that foreign language I thought would never sound beautiful to me
  • making new Chinese friends
  • going to a college soccer game on a whim
  • meeting new friends there
  • time together after a long week and weekend
  • getting lost going back to church that evening because of road construction only to come home and have more time together before a busy week
  • a recipe that worked! Yay for a good Sunday afternoon meal!
  • a short grocery list
  • beautiful weather
  • the first leaves a fallin
  • listening to a sermon podcast and being filled even more
  • meeting Matt’s new Chinese brother accountability partner
  • starting my seminary wives class
  • skype
Here are some pics of the things I “crafted” recently….

for a new baby girl

Getting crafty with buttons. Not sure where to put it yet.

Something I've made for people but didn't have one myself!

More buttons! This time: bracelets!


5 thoughts on “The Little Things in Life

  1. Finally I get to see the new hair cut. Cute! Thanks for all the little tid bits. It makes me feel closer to you. Cute crafts too! My love, Mom

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