Confessions of a New Cook

When I was younger, in high school, as one of my home school classes, my mom asked a good friend’s mother-in-law who was a professional caterer to teach me the basics of cooking. That was fun and I learned a lot. Now, several years later, I stand in my very own kitchen as a new wife officially learning to cook by trial and error. There are just some things that can’t be taught in a class or even after watching your mom cook for 22 years.

Last night’s “cooking class” consisted of mostly error. Plan A was to make quesidillas on the stove top due to the fact that we can’t have grills in our apartment. I layed the frozen chicken out to thaw around lunch….the same chicken that we hoped was still good after we lost electricity for almost 24 hrs. When I got home I opened the bag to take out the chicken. I smelled an interesting smell, still not sure whether it was a good one or not. To play it safe, I threw it away. I learned from this that chicken must be thawed in the fridge.

So, on to Plan B. Whatever that was supposed to be. Matt had to stay late at work and had to be to a class pretty soon after he got home so I decided to “grill” hamburgers on my own. First time for everything. In my house, that was a man’s job. I never touched the grill except to peak into it to find out how Dad was coming along. I quickly learned, as my house filled with smoke, that I had the burner up too high. The outside of the burgers were cooking rapidly as the inside stayed pink. Eventually they did cook through but the outside was pretty “charred”. Matt walked through our front door (which I had propped open to let out the smoke) and asked what happened. I told him with a sad face and he quickly assured me that it was ok and that he was sure it would taste just fine. According to my mom, that was the correct response 🙂 The burgers were ok but next time, I think I will wait til he gets home!

Tonight I braved the kitchen once again, this time using a fail-proof recipe: Chicken Divine, the one chicken recipe that didn’t call for cheese.  I halved it so that we wouldn’t have leftovers for eternity. Unfortunately the amount of chicken I prepared was a little, shall we say, scant. I also roasted some veggies a friend gave me and added rice to go along with it all.

the scant pieces of chicken

The pre-roasted veggies. Thanks Mallory!

Before the oven

Yesterday I posted a quick status on facebook exclaiming my woes as a new wife/cook. Many lady friends commented giving me some great encouragement and funny stories. After talking to my parents last night, my mom also gave me even more cooking tips. I know my cooking endeavors have not been all that bad but it has been interesting to say the least. It will be good to look back on these memories so that I can be that lady who comments on some newly wed’s facebook (will that even still be around?) to give her some advice and encouragement. Well, this is the finished product for tonight…It was ok. I may have to tweak it a bit and next time we will add a roll or two especially for my roll-loving man.

The final product


One thought on “Confessions of a New Cook

  1. Emily Karen, you are simply wonderful! I can very well relate to all your cooking “episodes”. The tough thing with Aaron was he didn’t like casserole type dishes…which is alot of what my mom made. He’s a food separatist…meat, veggie, salad, roll, etc…no combos…unless it’s Mexican and then he can handle it. Hang in there and enjoy the experimentations! We’re proud of you!

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